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People's Forest 8.57-Mile Loop8.57MIBarkhamstedCTThis is the loop that the Hartford Track Club has used for many Winter Series races since the early 1970s.
Two little hills5.9MINew MilfordCTFlat first and last miles. The rest is slightly hilly. Two small hills around mile 3.5
Asta Memorial Challenge19.6MIRocky Hill, CromwellCTBoston training route run with the Hartford Track Club. Out and back route with views of CT river at Ferry and above Arrigoni Bridge. Two good elevation changes at 5 and 7.5 miles.
Run around town7.4MIWallingfordCTThe first 2.5 miles has three good size hills and flattens out until the last mile on s.main st to center st that is a mile long and although not a tough grade it will test your endurance after five miles in and then a steep down hill down center st and flattens again to the finish at bull and quinnipiac .
Steep Rock to Walker Brook6.75MIWashingtonCTBeautiful views through Steep Rock Nature Preserve. Continues on dirt road along small river until Shinar Mountain Road. Crazy washed out road, very hilly. Turns to pave for the last 1-2 miles with a steep down hill. Go easy. We use the last hill for repeats if you still have anything left. Sit your butt in the Shepuag River to cool off.

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