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Log City-Lincoln Park6.55MIGalesburgILFlat, relatively low traffic. You can run this from GHS or Lincoln Park if you are in town. Log City's north end is the original location of Galesburg.
IVS half marathon loop6.7MIPeoriaILFirst loop of the half marathon course. Some routing approximate due to lack of map detail of trails.
Chi Marathon 15 miler15MISpringfieldILThis starts on the west side of Springfield at First United Methodist Church and makes a nice loop, touching the entrance to Oakridge Cemetery and back through town. Enjoy your run!
Chi Marathon 18 miler18MISpringfieldILHere is a route that starts out at Panara West, hops on the Wabash Trail, then heads back through the middle and across town to Lincoln Park, and then heads back to Panara.
Chi Marathon 4th of July 5k Race5KMSpringfieldILThis is a fun 4th of July Run/Walk that is great for beginners and for the advanced.
Chi Marathon 6miler6MISpringfieldILJuly 4th 5k race plus this route will equal our 9 miler for the weekend. Whew!!!
Chi Marathon 7miler7MISpringfieldILA loop starting from Cafe Moxo, to Washington Park, over to Washington St, and back downtown.
Chi Marathon 8 Miler8MISpringfieldILThis route starts downtown at Cafe Moxo, and makes a big loop over to OuterPark Drive, through Washington Park and around back to Cafe Moxo. Congrats on making it to our last weekend training run before the CHICAGO MARATHON!!
Fairgrds and Lincoln Park4MISpringfieldILThis is a nice 4 mile loop starting at the front of the Grandstand, out the main gates, a loop around Lincoln Park, and back to the fairgrounds finishing off with a nice loop around the race tracks. Have a good one!!
FitClub South 3.2MISpringfieldILThis will be a nice run that will start at the FitClub South, loop around in Southern View neighborhood, through the park, and back to FitClub.
FitClub South - 6 Miler6MISpringfieldILThis route is similar to the 5 mile FitClub Route, but it reaches Ash St, then West to reach 1st Street before heading back through Southern View and Park.
FitClub South - 5 Miler5MISpringfieldILThis route starts at FitClub South, goes through Southern View, crosses 6th St to 11th St. Then it heads North to Bunn Golf Course, heads West to reach 4th Street, and back to Southern View Park.
FitClub South 4 Miler4MISpringfieldILStarting at the FitClub South, around Southern View Park, and a large horse shoe shape route through Southern View, back around the park and finishing at the FitClub.
FitClub South 7 Miler7MISpringfieldILStarts at FitClub South, around Southern View Park, out and onto the new road over to MacArthur, East back to Southern View neighborhood, through the park and back to the FitClub South
Lincoln Pk and Oakridge Cem4MISpringfieldILHere is another nice loop, especially if you are ready for a good hill workout. Remember to stand tall, relax, and enjoy :)
Lost Bridge Trail10MISpringfieldILThis is a flat and shady, out-and-back route great for those hot, summer days.
Washington Park - Large Loop2.4MISpringfieldIL2 loops of this route combined with the 1.2 loop is a nice 6 miler. Happy Running!!
Washington Park - Small Loop1.2MISpringfieldILThis route plus 2 loops of the 2.4 mile route in Washington Park will add up to a nice 6 miler. Enjoy your run!
YMCA Downtown to Wash Park3MISpringfieldILThis is a nice 30 min cardio to squeeze in on a lunch hour. Don't forget your pre and post workout snack :)
Chi Marathon12MISpringfield/RochesterILThis route starts at Panara EAST on Dirksen, heads North to IDOT's Lost Bridge Trail, goes through Rochester Park, makes a small loop downtown Rochester, then heads back on the Rochester Blacktop Road, connects to the FINALLy COMPLETED bike trail up to the Spaulding Damn, and back to Panara East. Next week will be an easy 8 miler!!! So here's to our last LONG RUN of our training!!!!

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