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1 mile loop library1MIFayettevilleNYThis 1 mile loop can be run along with the connecting 4 mile loop in the Village of Fayetteville for putting together long runs.
1 mile loop Towne Center1MIFayettevilleNYThis mile loop is useful during the night and early morning. Bathrooms are available in the P&C.
1 mile Panera extension to loops 1MIFayettevilleNYThis one mile from Panera Bread connects to the 1 mi and 4 mi loops for putting together long runs.
4 mile loop4MIFayettevilleNYThis 4 mile loop connects to a 1 mile loop. The two loops work well for putting together long runs of varying distance or time during severe weather conditions.
Dogwood Loop1.25MIFayettevilleNY1.25 mi loop that can be added to any other course in the area
Green Lakes Endurance Runs12.5KMFayettevilleNY
Hi I'm painfully wet9MIFayettevilleNYOh yeah you ran in some mud and got yourself wet.
Central Park Loop6MINew YorkNY6 plus miles around central park
10Kan 5K route5KKMOswegoNY
10Kan 10K Route10KMOswegoNY
2 mile loop2MISyracuseNYOnondaga Park

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